Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New app and keeping old promises

I have just released an app on the Android market. the application is called RAS (Radio Alphabet Speller). The application will turn your words into Radio/telephony letter, also known as a phonetic alphabet.

I went over previous comments, and realize that a year has gone by, and I never released the code for the pedometer and the nutrition application. Both work fine, but they are not exhaustively checked for bugs, so I won't put it on the market. But I will get then on Google open source projects. I will post the name of the projects when I create them.

Sorry for the delay, and I understand if the few fans of the code have moved on. But if you are still interested in working on the code with me, here is one challenge the nutritional diary faces. We need to have a database with existing nutritional information available for the application, I had the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) code necessary to have the app interact with an external nutrional dabase through RPC. But the datadabase needs to be designed, the code to access it, and somebody (or some app) needs to populate the tables. I'll be busy this year finishing up a PhD Dissertation, so I will release the code, and hope somebody can pick it up. I'll be available for for help though.

There are other nutritional applications on the market, but this one should be the only open source one.

The pedometer is another story, in that case the only thing that could make the software useful is if the Nexus or the Droid have with them a more sensitive accelerometer and compass. I'll post the code, and somebody can test is. I only have a G1, which by now feels dated.

The RAS took me about 6 hours to make. I will release other applications in the future that are simple to code and have a very small niche. for the end-user reader, let me know of any idea you may want to see in your Android phone, and I promise the app will be GNU open source if it makes to the market.