Monday, April 2, 2012

Pdf-To-Speech 9.5

As we continue to practice fast release cycles on Pdf-to-Speech, version 9.5 adds support for Microsoft Word (.doc). I used code from the Apache POI project to parse the .doc documents. The library works seamlessly and the feature is now part of the app.

There is an Apache POI library on However, the project does not seem to have too much activity. If other fellow developers are interested in the version we forked for Pdf-to-Speech, let us know and we will release the code under Apache 2.0 License.

Also, development on an Intent API to allow developer's apps to use Pdf-to-Speech is still an open proposition. However, we first need to see interest from fellow developers.

We are now focusing on providing features to increase user's access to their data, no matter where it is. And the addition of Google Docs-to-speech is still on the pipeline.