Friday, June 25, 2010

PDF to Speech Update

Today we released PDF to Speech version 1.3. The features we added are:

  1. The current sentence is shown on the screen.

  2. A control to adjust reading speed was added.

  3. PDF-to-speech now report to Android as an app able to open PDF's.

Bug fixes.

  • The IO Manager was not working correctly the first time it was used due to its agreement dialog. However.

  • Off-by-one error when reporting the current sentence being read fixed.

Remaining bugs:
*Some PDF's are not being read, we are working on a fix for this.
*The Reader has a limit on how many pages it can load. Documents with more than 700 pages may not work. For example, a PDF of Moby Dick cannot be read.

Friday, June 11, 2010


With the Referee Android app, you can play with your friends showing them the yellow, and red card. And you can sign a goal along with YouTube video of Andres Cantor. Place questions or comments on this blog entry.

Monday, June 7, 2010

PDF to Speech

Today we released PDF-to-Speech into the Android Market. The App will let you select a PDF file from your SD card, and it will read it to you. Some of its features are:

  • Seek to sentences within a page

  • Seek among pages

  • costume blue-themed UI


  • You'll need Android 1.6 or higher to install this app.

  • The app will install text-to-speech if not present

  • The app will install OI File Manager if not present

This is the first version. Future versions will support more PDF format variants. And seamless support for Spanish and Italian are coming, although rough support is already available.

Some PDFs variants that are not supported at the moment are encrypted PDF files, documents created with OpenOffice and other non-standard pdf creators. The program will not be able to read a pdf file that has scanned images, even if these images have text. The best way to know if the app will work for you is to get it and try it on the PDF's you plan to hear. If a dialog message is shown, or the reader just reads the page number until the end of the document, your document is not supported yet. More formats will be covered in the coming months.

Another restriction is the size of the PDF file. The program has been updated to let the user know if the file is too big. All the restriction will be fixed as soon as possible.