Saturday, October 16, 2010

PDF-To-Speech (bugfixes)

On version 2.0.5
Base on very constructive user feed back, here are the bug fixes for this week.

* fixed stutter when reading the next page in the background.
* fixed having to pres play twice to get the program to stop when coming back to app.
* won't crash if swiping finger on sentence read seek bar. Instead the sentence seek will
be shown on the screen. when the user releases the seek button, the app will continue to
read at that point.
* The last page remembered is the last page read and sentence was too far behind current page and sentence. this is fixed to update the page and sentence more often.
* Was skipping last sentence in page if the sentence did not end with a period.
* took out unnecessary Internet access permission.
* the changes in speech speed and language settings are applied immediately.

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