Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pdf-To-Speech 8

We have listen to users' suggestions and the most commonly requested feature is speed. So the next version, version 8, will have an experiment Pdf reader that can be three times as fast on a Galaxy S or comparable phone, and can be twice as fast on a Xoom or comparable tablet.

The figure to the right shows how long it takes for the app to load the first page of Moby Dick, a 1047 page document. On average, the reader will now take about 3 seconds to read any random page on the document (images and other media can delay the reader).

The update is almost ready. The feature will be provided as experimental because there are many PDF creators, and it will take some time to verify the Fast PDF reader can process multiple types of PDF files. So be sure to give us your feedback.


karoly hanyecz said...
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Karoly said...

Can it use hungarian SVOX?

jeremy said...

Yes, you should be able to use any svox language with this app as well as pico.

Lauriel said...

Hi, I just downloaded your app and am having a hard time getting it to work. It extracted the texts from pdfs, but doesn't read them out loud. Am I missing something it needs for support? I have a Huawei Ascend II and Android 2.3

jeremy said...


Yes, the app should be checking if you have TTS (Text-to-Speech) installed on the phone and install it if not present.

A work-around is to install a TTS app like the GPS Navigator from google, which will install TTS on your phone.

The fix will also be added to the next update.

Hopefully this will help. If not, let me know.

Juan J. said...
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Juan J. said...

I bought it, but

It don't work on my phone!!

(Samsung Galaxy ACE)

I can not return the application ... Can I have a solution?

jeremy said...

Juan J. I can refund the app is you send me an email with your order number.